11 Free Logo Makers Online You Can Use Right Now

11 Free Logo Makers Online You Can Use Right Now

We have already talked so much about branding, its ways, and how important it is for a business. And when it comes to branding, everyone knows that your logo is of utmost importance. It is one of those elements that present your business to your customers. A strong and impressive, cohesive image, can steer people to put their trust and value in your product or services. But  a logo maker, there are many steps that one has to follow. From showing the worth of your business to leaving a lasting impression- all of it can be done by a logo. But what do you think, making a logo is easy? Does it include any kind of pre-thinking or brainstorming? 

If you were to ask an expert about this, they would surely tell you the tips. But that’s not it! To create your own logo, you will have to go through some rigorous steps. Moreover, once all of that is done, all you need to do is look for an amazing logo maker and create one for yourself. So, if you have a low budget or want to create a logo all by yourself, then you don’t have to worry at all. 

So, here are some easy to use and absolutely free video makers in the market that will give you no problem at all. 

1. Logomaker

Logomaker is one of the finest applications in the market having the “Free logo maker” tag on it. Although that’s not it, you get the premium version of the application too, in which by paying a small amount you get to enjoy a load of features and tools. Logomaker has hundreds of fonts and stock items available for the users. 

2. Logotype Maker

Another very efficient and widely used logo maker is the Logotype Maker that can help to create a cool logo for your business. Most startups who have a budget constraint do make good use of this logo maker software. 

3. Logo Garden

Logo Garden is a professional logo maker that can be used for a lot of things. You can see the majority of people using the same tool for a lot of things. There are several fonts, colour options, images and patterns that can be used using the Logo Garden. This application has a lot of tools that you can use in a lot of places.

4. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings is another free to use logo making tool that can help you in creating a wonderful design at ease. There are tons of easy to access tools that will help you in making your logo so much intuitive. You can easily create a logo and also put in a few visual effects. But if you want to customize it more, just make sure to purchase your file and download it. 

5. Free Logo Design

Free logo Design has been a go-to and trusted application on the internet for free makers. The application is completely free. It has a range of fonts, icons, shapes, colours and options for the creators. There are several templates too, you can pick one of those to make your business or website’s logo. The only thing that you will miss out on is high-resolution. 

6. Designimo

Designimo is one of the best free logo makers having several helpful tools. You can simply edit and use the low-resolution logo designs or purchase the high-resolution ones. Using this logo designer is super easy because all you need to do is put the name of your business in the space provided and get the samples. 

7. Designmantic

There are several sites where you will not find any problem right from the beginning. And if you have been looking for a logo making website that does the same thing, then Designmantic is a perfect option. This website is one of those that will help you at every point right from the beginning. All you need to do is select the logo categories, font, size, and colours. Then just choose your business type and you will get a logo for free.

8. Flaming Text

If you want to create your own logo, then Flaming Text is another good option for you. With this website, you can enjoy access to several amazing tools and multiple logo creation tools. All of it for free. But if you wish to download the file for your business use, you need to make a small payment. 

9. Free logo services

This is a comparatively lesser-used logo maker but it is still popular amongst the creators. It has limited access to editing but you will find a lot of amazing tools in itself. One of the best things about the website is that it gives you a complete overview (walkaround) about how you can use it and what all benefits you can reap from the software. 

 10. Logo Maker

A good thing about this logo maker is that you get a “try before use” model in this. There are approximately 10,000 or more design options available in the logo maker. You can create a logo using several filters and then make a payment once you love the design. Also, the experts say that the services, responsiveness and other aspects of this tool are sharp and unique. 

11. Logo Yes

The designing section on the website if Logo Yes is completely free although you will have to make a payment for every download. But one of the highlights of this software is that you get every service at a considerable cost. You can enjoy the services of Logo Yes at a way cheaper cost. But on the other hand, the options that you get are more limited than the options given above. 


So, these are some of the most popular free logo makers online that you can use right away. Not only do they give you access to mammoth options but much more services alongside that. So, check them out and enjoy their services.


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