5+1 Facts About Geo Attendance You Should Know!

Attendance management software

Do you know attendance impacts the bottom line of a firm? Yes, it does. 

Poor attendance management usually leads to ineffectiveness, decreased efficiency, loss of excellent talents and more, which in turn can affect the earnings and profit of organizations. Now, we all know that traditional methods of attendance management involve a host of tedious operations and paperwork. As a result, HR professionals spend most of their time in the back office juggling with piles of files and data. Fortunately, companies are embracing attendance automation lately and investing in attendance software like never before. Such systems are helping hundreds of organizations in India to manage attendance better. Most importantly, the top-notch attendance management systems even offer geo attendance feature to their users. For those who do not know, geo-attendance systems seamlessly integrate into other modules of HR such as payroll and leave. It even allows new-age employees to mark their attendance from any remote place. 


Let’s dig deeper into the article and learn the top 7 features of geo attendance systems. 


Makes Attendance Tracking Easier

Implementing geo-attendance software is not just an efficient way to simplify the attendance management process but also manage employees more effectively. Not to forget, the geo attendance feature diminishes the manual effort of keeping track and calculating attendance. Since it can be aligned to the accounts department, the salary also gets processed with zero error. 


Improves Attendance Management

As mentioned earlier, a system with geo-attendance can result in effective attendance management. Now, effective attendance management aids companies to form policies that are aligned with the nature of their business and motivate employees to comply with them. Besides, it will even allow firms to effectively manage their outliers and unite their remote workers.


Allows Online Attendance Marking

It is no news that the global pandemic, COVID-19 enforced remote working in the year 2020. Every organization got scattered and working individuals were forced to work from their homes in no time. In such a scenario, the main concern of most companies was the attendance tracking of their people. Fortunately, employees were able to punch their attendance in real-time via mobile, share photos, location and much more using the geo attendance feature. The feature not just made things easier for employees but also empowered companies to keep a tab on their remote workforce.


Provides Employee Self-Service

Gone are the days when employees were expected to mail their HRs to know about every trivial thing. We are now living in an automation era where things are more convenient. Automated geo-attendance software enables employees to access their personal and attendance-related information anytime, anywhere. This not just reduces their dependence on HR managers but also empowers them to a greater extent. When employees have the autonomy to do several easy things, it will eventually improve their engagement and experience with the company. 

The employee self-service system provides a clear picture to both employees as well as the company. Any doubt or confusion related to the attendance and payroll will also be eliminated from both ends. 


Adapts to Any Software

Most geo-attendance systems work seamlessly with any kind of hardware including biometric devices, smart cards and more. Need to mention, such systems provide seamless, smooth and effective integration, which brings a huge difference in the way the attendance management process is carried out.


Consolidates Attendance Data

Another best thing about geo-attendance software is that it automates and streamlines every time-consuming process, from attendance, leave, to payroll. Plus, such systems even prevent duplication of data, and inconsistencies, which are usually inevitable in a traditional office setup. As a result, HR professionals can save a large chunk of time and energy that can be invested in other important operations.

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So, these are the top seven ways geo-attendance systems help organizations and take the burden off HR departments’ shoulders. 

Truth be told, the mantra nowadays is to get on track with geo-attendance or get left behind!

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