7 Steps to Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Public Relations

Public Relations

Now, before contacting an expert to help you implement your public relations strategy, you must follow a series of steps that will help you lay the foundations for it, always according to your particular needs.

Public Relations

You must be ready.

Before initiating any type of communication, you must make sure that you are prepared. If your product is not the best version of itself, you will not get good reviews and you will most likely experience negative backlash from the press.

But not only your product must be ready: you as a leader must be too. Entrepreneurs must train, develop their own communication skills, know how to sell their creation and impact investors.

Financial Public Relation.

For any business mostly in large-scale financial pr helps in building communication between investors and you. Financial Public Relations tackles the areas of concern in the practice of financial communications.

Establish your identity

One of the main questions that you will have to answer is who you are, but would you know how to answer it yourself?

You have to establish your identity (few startups think about it!) And differentiate yourself from others to be attractive. For this it is worth asking yourself:

  • What are our values?
  • Which things make us different from our competitors?
  • What exactly is the corporate culture?
  • In which we are experts?

If you want to stand out in the eyes of the press, investors, and your target demographic, you must have a good story to share who you are and how you got started.

Know your user well

There is no use creating strategies, actions, newsletters and press releases if you do not know who is going to use your product.

Although this seems simple to do, it is very common within the industry startupero that while the business model, the user switch is validated. Know who he is, what he is like, what interests he has, his day to day, what frustrates him, what he wants, the media and blogs he reads … All this information will make life much easier for us when it comes to creating a marketing and communication strategy .

Set communication goals.

You already have the minimum elements necessary to put your communication strategy in writing, but first, you must ask yourself why you want to carry it out and what you want to achieve with it. It seems logical, but this step is extremely important.

Share your story.

Learning to communicate is an integral part of public relations. Remember that nobody is interested in having a product label read, but in knowing what is behind what you buy. So once you have established your identity, you need to work on a creative narrative to communicate it.

Make sure your CEO has visibility.

The founder or CEO is the one who works to shape the image of the company, brand and culture. Therefore, he or she needs to be accessible and visible to people; It is the face of  storytelling  and surely its story has positive elements to highlight in your narrative.

Don’t ignore social media.

Take the time to connect directly with your followers, answer questions, share information, and include them in the conversation.

A good execution strategy will allow you to grow your presence from the beginning and establish credibility, represent your brand, your values ​​and your culture, as well as position your CEO as a thought leader.

What should I keep in mind when starting my public relations strategy?

  • Not everyone does it well.
  • Expectations have to be realistic.
  • There are financial support institutions for entrepreneurs.


Understanding the importance and value of PR work within any company is not difficult: although we are talking about companies with a small budget, where expenses must be consciously thought and executed, it is equally important to understand how from the beginning companies must have an unblemished reputation in their communication.

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