Adding A Virtual Membership To Your Gym? We Have Made It Easy With 3 Simple Steps


Lockdowns and living with Covid-19 has taught us many things especially when it comes to keeping fit and healthy. A huge surge in demand for home workouts and accessing PTs online are just a few examples, so it’s no surprise that members may now expect virtual memberships and are wanting the freedom to continue to exercise at any time, day or night.

If you’re wondering about ‘best practice’ when it comes to adding a virtual offering for new and existing members, the following may help you to understand the considerations and opportunities.


1)  A cleverly thought out virtual membership may drive membership growth and build on existing relationships by      exceeding expectations and for the end user, gaining better fitness results. This in return generates more profit for      the gym, from gaining new memberships where geography isn’t necessarily an issue; and allows you to generate          business even when your physical facility is closed.


The three key areas to consider when putting your virtual offering together are;


  • What separates you from your competitors? This could be a different range of workouts, competitive pricing and brand reputation
  • Online offering package – how many sessions does the membership buy, is it pay as you go or monthly, or will you do deals for longer contracts?
  • A features list which should include teasers of exclusive content from your website and app that members can expect to receive once joining. This could also include tailored nutrition plans, videos from PTS and further nutritional advice.


2)    Make sure you price your online workouts effectively.


Pricing you virtual offering shouldn’t be the same methodology as a full, traditional membership, this can be applied as an add on to an existing memberships giving existing members the feeling of more for their money and helping hold onto them, used as added-value and a differentiator to drive more membership signs ups to entice new members or used purely as stand alone to drive revenue for  virtual only membership.

Hosting virtual classes doesn’t come with as many overheads for your business and can even operate when the facility is closed by utilising pre-recorded sessions.


The pricing should reflect the following;

  • How much are current members already paying for their memberships?
  • The fact capacity for online classes is irrelevant
  • Your brand and the quality of the PTs
  • Current costs and overheads that need to be met
  • The virtual workouts you want to offer, how often they run and the costs of the PTs and instructors who create them
  • The various packages you will offer, i.e. the cost to have a virtual membership alone or added onto an existing package new and old


3) Choosing the right platform partner for your business is crucial to introducing and running virtual memberships         that drive profit. Selecting the right leisure management software becomes key.


Things to look out for;


  • The right software can assist and enhance all of your operations and take the stress out of bookings and payments by having them streamlined into one platform securely while never exposing customer data
  • Communications via email or SMS from you to your members make staying in close contact and keeping them up to date with any news much easier
  • Online bookings can be made quicker and easier online or via an app. This gives each member the freedom to book and manage their own bookings and payments and saves members having to phone or drop in just to book a class.
  • A partner that offers a white label Native app, offering a hassle-free service that all members can access via Apple iOs or Android devices and enables push notifications and personalized messages, keeping them up to date with offers and workouts anywhere in the world!


Health and fitness is becoming a bigger priority more so than before, therefore moving with the times and giving your members the tools to assist with the lifestyle they desire is a great way to firmly plant your business into your community.

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