How to block McAfee’s auto-renewal option?

how to cancel mcafee subscription

McAfee is a top security program and known for its excellent malware detection rate. In the freeware, you can get the setup and then install it. But for the paid plans, the user requires a license for the setup. You have to activate the license for running the premium tools of the program.

After the McAfee license expires, renew it and access the paid tools again. Instead of renewing the setup manually, users can go for the auto-renewal feature. It renews the plan automatically to prevent license expiry. But when you are not using McAfee then you have to block this service. Otherwise, the McAfee antivirus will renew automatically.

Cancel McAfee auto-renewal from the application

If you have the McAfee setup installed then you can find the auto-renewal easily.

  1. Open McAfee antivirus
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. Choose the subscription tab
  4. McAfee page will appear on the browser tab
  5. Login to the account and the subscription page will appear
  6. You will see all McAfee plans associated with your account
  7. Choose the correct plan
  8. Tap on the cancel button
  9. Confirmation tab will appear
  10. Select Yes button

You will see changes on the subscription page. It shows the remaining subscription days. After disabling the auto-renewal, you can use the program till the provided date.

How to cancel McAfee subscription?

When you don’t have the setup for McAfee on the device; open an account on the web. Go to your device; open the McAfee antivirus website and log in to it.

  1. Click on the Profile tab
  2. Choose the McAfee plan
  3. Select the Cancel button

The subscription will be cancelled and now the plan won’t renew automatically. You can check the days on subscription and use the antivirus. The user must cancel the subscription days before expiry. Otherwise, the antivirus will get renewed.

Cancel McAfee auto-renewed plan and get your refund

If the license of your antivirus gets renewed then you can check its refund policy. Many McAfee programs have the refund feature on yearly plans. For a refund, you must cancel the auto-renewal within a few days. Go to the McAfee site and read the refund policy of your plan. If your McAfee subscription is under refund then cancel the auto-renewed plan immediately.

  1. Open McAfee account
  2. Click on your Profile page
  3. Select Subscription
  4. Go to the auto-renewed plan
  5. Click on the Cancel button
  6. A refund wizard will appear
  7. Select Refund and tap on Confirm

Now the subscription of your McAfee will expire. The user can’t run any of the premium McAfee services. You will get the refund details on the screen.

Cancel McAfee auto-renewal on Android

McAfee paid plans are available for Android OS. You can download the setup from the Play Store. If you have the key then open the McAfee free setup and select the upgrade button. Enter the key for activation and then you can use the premium McAfee tools. If your setup has auto-renewal then disable it. After disabling the auto-renewal, you can use the antivirus without auto-renewal issues.

  1. Open Play Store on the phone
  2. Choose the Payment and Subscription page
  3. Tap the Subscriptions button
  4. You will see all your premium tools
  5. Click on McAfee and choose the Cancel button

Tap on Confirm option and your McAfee antivirus auto-renewal will be disabled. Now open your McAfee antivirus on the phone and go to its subscription tab. The user can check the days on his subscription. Use the McAfee tools till the day and then the McAfee license will expire.

Disabling auto-renewal on McAfee multi-license plan

When the user has many devices, he often uses the multi-licensed plan. With one subscription, you can secure numerous devices. But in this plan, only one system is primary. You can add or remove devices using the primary device or McAfee account only. To cancel the auto-renewal; you can’t use the secondary account. You can only uninstall the setup from the device. For the changes on the McAfee account, use the primary device. Go to the McAfee account on the device and tap on Subscription. Choose the cancel button for disabling the auto-renewal. After cancelling it, the auto-renewal from all the devices will be disabled. Use the program till the provided data is reliably.

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