How to block pop-ups notifications on security programs?

turn off Malwarebytes popups

Security programs have become necessary for the devices. Now devices offer good inbuilt security features but you still have new advanced tools for internet security. When you install the security app, it inspects the data and all activities on the device. If the antivirus inspects any issue, it directly notifies the user. While using antivirus, you may get lots of pop-up notifications. If you don’t want to receive those pop-ups then you can easily block them. 

Disabling security summary notification

Some security apps provide summary notifications. The user will get the whole summary of the device’s health once a month. But if you don’t need the summary then you can easily disable the notifications. 

  1. Open the antivirus and choose the settings page
  2. Go to the gear icon
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Tap on show security summary option
  5. Check the switch next to it
  6. Toggle the switch to disable

Select OK and now the user won’t receive the security summary notifications. 

Disable the pop-ups on the Windows notification area

Antivirus shows critical and non-critical notifications. The crucial notification often appears as a prompt on the desktop. Whereas, most non-critical pop-ups appear in the Windows notification area. The user can disable the pop-ups from the Windows notification area. 

  1. Click on the antivirus and open its dashboard
  2. Go to the notifications tab
  3. Click on Show notifications in the Windows notification area option
  4. Go to the switch and toggle it to disable

After disabling, the user won’t get the non-critical pop-ups on the notification area.

Disable update notifications

New updates are necessary for your security applications. If you don’t update the setup then the antivirus can’t detect new threats. Whenever new malware appears, the company designs and sends new updates to secure the device from the malware. But when your antivirus is not up-to-date; if can’t find any data about the new malware on its chart. So, the user should update the security program whenever it’s available. For updating, the user requires the internet. Once the user updates the antivirus; he won’t get notifications until a new update appears. If you can’t update the setup and don’t need update pop-ups then turn off Malwarebytes popups.

  1. Open the security application 
  2. Choose Settings page
  3. Hit on the Application tab
  4. Now click on Notify me when updates are available tab

Turn off the switch to disable the notification. Once you get the smooth internet, go to your security program and update the antivirus. Also, enable the notifications so you can easily update later. 

Disable real-time protection modules alert

The real-time protection feature is mainly available on premium security programs. When you open the PC, the real-time protection service starts running in the background. It checks all the files you are accessing. When the user clicks on any file, the antivirus scans it immediately for malware and then loads it. The user will get real-time detection pop-ups. But if you don’t need those pop-ups then disable them. 

  1. Click on the security program
  2. Select the Settings tab and go to Notifications
  3. Click on the Real-Time Protection module
  4. Check the button and toggle to disable

After disabling it, your real-time feature will run on the system but you receive any related notifications. 

Enable Play Mode feature

Some security applications have a special Play/Game mode. If the game mode is enabled then the user won’t receive any notifications on full screen. This mode is mainly designed for gamers as the regular pop-ups on the system can interrupt the game. While playing an online game if pop-ups appear; it seems very bothersome. Sometimes these pop-ups also freeze the game. To prevent all these issues, the user can enable the gaming mode. After enabling, whenever the user runs any app on full screen like gaming, watching movies, etc; gaming mode starts working. If any pop-ups appear, this mode mutes or disables it. The user will receive those notifications after closing the full-screen window. This mode is very helpful to play or work peacefully. In some security apps, gaming mode asks you to add an application name option. Open antivirus and go to Gaming mode. Click on the Add button and select the application’s name. After providing those names, the gaming mode will mute the notifications whenever you run those applications. 

The user also gets upgrade notifications, if he has the free version. In freeware, you may also get several ads. In some apps, you can open the notification tab and disable the upgrade pop-up. But in some security programs, those pop-ups only stop when the user purchases the premium subscription

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