How to cancel an online premium apps subscription?

how to cancel avast renewal

When the user needs premium apps on the PC, he has to purchase the subscription. On the free plans, you can access only basic tools. The paid programs provide advanced functions and services. But the license is available for a certain time.

You can purchase the license and use the program for a month or a year. When the license expires, the user has to renew it. In many plans, you get auto-renewal. While purchasing the subscription, the app gets the payment details and the subscription gets renewed automatically. If you don’t require the auto-renewal of your plan then disable the service.

How to cancel Avast renewal using the online process?

In many apps, you can cancel the subscription from its dashboard. But when you are not using that device, go for an online process. The user can open the program’s online account on any device. Open the system and go to the browser. Navigate to the app’s website and click on the Login button. 

  1. Type the credentials for logging the account
  2. Click on the subscription tab
  3. The user will get all paid plans
  4. Click on the required plan
  5. Choose the Cancel button
  6. Select Yes for Confirmation 

When the license is canceled, the subscription shows the expiry date. Open the subscription page and check the date of subscription expiry. The user can access the tools of his app until the provided date. When the subscription expires, it won’t be renewed automatically. 

Canceling subscription after auto-renewal

Many times, people forget that their plan is in auto-renewal. They get to know when the program gets auto-renewed. But many applications offer a refund feature. This feature is usually available on yearly plans only. The user can cancel the subscription of the application within a few days and get a refund. Before canceling, go to the web and check the refund policy. When the plan is under the refund policy, you should immediately cancel it.

  1. Open the browser and search for the app’s website
  2. Login to the account; hit on Subscription
  3. Select the plan and tap on the Cancel button
  4. A refund wizard will appear
  5. Choose the Yes option for refund and tap on Confirm

The license will expire once you apply for a refund. The user will receive all refund details in his email. After canceling, you can not use any of the program’s tools. 

Cancel the subscription on Android device

The user can’t use the app which is not available on the Play Store without changing settings. You can’t install the setup from its website. For the setup, you have to search the app on the Play Store. After installing, you can open it and then purchase the subscription. If the app has auto-renewal then you can use the Play Store for disabling it. The user doesn’t need an application to cancel the subscription.

  1. Open your Play Store
  2. Click on the Profile photo
  3. Choose Payments and Subscriptions
  4. Select Subscriptions
  5. The user can see all the premium apps
  6. Select your application
  7. Choose Cancel button

Tap on Yes on the Confirmation box and the auto-renewal gets disabled for the application. Open the app and go to its subscription page. Check the expiry date of the subscription and use the app till the given date.

Disable the auto-renewal on iOS

On the iOS device, the user can manage his app’s subscription from the App Store. For canceling the subscription, you will require the same Apple ID.

  1. Go to App Store and go to the Profile icon
  2. Select the Subscriptions tab
  3. Choose the app name and hit the Cancel button

On the Confirm pop-up, select Yes and the auto-renewal will be canceled. Now the user can access the application until the expiry date. You will also receive the confirmation mail for canceling the subscription. 

Canceling multi-license application

Some apps offer multi-license subscriptions when you require the app on multiple devices. You can purchase the license and then share it among different devices. The user can share it with their family. But for canceling or making changes, you require the primary account. The user can’t cancel subscriptions from the secondary accounts. Go to the primary account and cancel its subscription. The changes on the subscription will reflect on primary and all secondary accounts. From the primary account, the user can add and remove devices anytime. When the auto-renewal is not available and you require the paid tool then you can renew the subscription manually. 

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