How to cancel auto renewal and claim on refund?

how to cancel norton subscription

Know-How to cancel auto renewal and claim on refund?

Norton Antivirus is one of the most well-known and popular antivirus programs available on the market on Windows PC. It has been proven to be among the most efficient applications to cancel auto renewal. And offers a greater number of benefits than its other products.

However, Norton’s antivirus does have one major flaw, which is a major deterrent to users. It stores the details of your Debit as well as Credit Card details. And when your subscription is set to expire. it instantly updates your payment information by utilizing a sneaky auto-renewal feature.

About Norton Antivirus

This Norton antivirus behavior is not compatible to be the case with other antivirus programs. Additionally, Norton does not allow users to review the antivirus for a prolonged time, which can make it difficult for users.

When you buy the Norton product, like Norton 360 and Norton 360. you’ll create an account with Norton account to store your personal information along with the product that you get. Once you’ve used Norton Antivirus, you might believe that your computer or laptop is susceptible to viruses, hackers, or other unknown sources which could attempt to damage your computer. Another issue due to this Norton Antivirus premium is that it often updates and you’ll be charged an additional amount that is triggered by the updating of your PC following that.

If you do receive an acknowledgment of the money that was charged, you are able to change your subscription or get your refund. Here is the complete procedure to end this Norton Antivirus subscription and get a refund. Take the time to read the entire guide to learn about the process and then follow it with care in order to receive your reimbursement.

It is possible to download and install Norton antivirus or any alternative variant of the antivirus.

When you sign-up for a subscription with the Norton Antivirus provider, the application will automatically give you the option to renew your subscription automatically after your subscription has expired. In spite of the fact that have another service provider, or don’t wish to utilize the Norton Antivirus application any further You can simply end your auto-renewal. You can also remove the details of your credit card from their service provider’s system.

Many Norton users do not know that they’re being expenditure an auto-renewal fee from Norton to keep their service continuous.

Follow the steps below and get the refund amount of Norton. Norton Antivirus application comes with the 60-day refund policy which you can access quickly if your debit or credit card has been deducting in less than 60 days. Be aware that you have to sign up for this program prior to being expenditure for the first 60 days of your subscription.

Before proceeding, you should read the following information

  1. The four last numbers are the last four digits of your Debit or credit card number that you used to complete the purchase.
  2. The expiration date for credit or debit cards is the date.
  3. The email address that was used to complete the purchase.

Do the steps below to seek assistance from Norton. When you are in chat with the support team take the details into your hands and give all the required information to start the Norton Cancellation process to refund your money.

How to cancel Norton subscription?

Here are the steps you must follow to end your subscription with Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus.

  1. In the first place, you must Log in to your Norton.
  2. Go to the page for subscriptions and select the option to disable Automatic Renewal’ move the slider to OFF.’
  3. Select ‘Turn Off’ and you’ll┬ádignify with a confirmation message.
  4. Once you have canceled the subscription it will cease to renew once it has expired in the period of time.

Getting Back Money

If you do are not within the 60-day duration of return time, you may decide to keep the software. If the software is delete from your system, you are able to download and install it again to make use of its value. Before installing the application again ensure that you turn off auto-renewal to stop the automatic renewal.

The most efficient method to end your subscription is prior to when you get your bill. When you’ve not received the invoice You can deactivate the automatic renewal without having to communicate with the support team. To cancel the process, you must sign in to the Norton Account you have created. Norton Account and disable the automatic renewal option.


The best way to go about the cancellation procedure is to contact the customer support service. The customer service agent to stop the automatic renewal feature of Norton Antivirus and erase your account information. However, if you’re currently in the initial registration stage for the program, you may seek assistance.

If you’re not able to follow the chat process. The chat process is taking too much time. then you can dial the toll-free number on the bank’s statement. It is necessary to describe your situation to the manager. then your request will be locomotor. An actual person within a matter of minutes. Your refund reflect within 10 minutes. You can follow the same procedure to cancel the antivirus and receive an Avast refund.

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