Manual process to connect the printer with Wifi

how do i connect my canon mg3600 to wifi

Printers are crucial devices for office and home use. Now the printer also allows the wireless connection. The user can connect his printer to the network and use it from any corner of the room. But there are several things you should check before configuring the printer. Always connect the printer to a secured connection. Never try using the printer on an open network. The printer should be within the range of your wireless network. After checking the router, you can start configuring the printer. 

How do I connect my Canon mg3600 to wifi?

  1. Keep the printer near to the router
  2. Switch On your printer device
  3. Check if your printer and router supports WPS
  4. On the router press the WPS button
  5. Now go to your printer and press the Wi-Fi button
  6. A blue Wi-Fi lamp will start flashing
  7. The printer will search available networks
  8. Go to the printer screen
  9. Check the network list
  10. Choose the correct network

After connecting the printer, you should check the network information printout. Press the cancel button a few times and you will get a wizard. Release the button and your printer will give a network information page. Check the printout for SSID and printer status. When all the details are correct, your printer is connected. Now go to the PC which is on the same network. Open Printers and Scanners folder; click on Add new device. You will see available printer devices. Select your printer name and take the printouts.

Install printer driver network

You can find the printer on the Wi-Fi connection. But the printer will only receive the commands if it finds the correct printer driver. If you want to use the printer then install the correct driver. Open the printer and check its model number; install the setup. Now connect the printer on the network and send your print jobs.

Use standard connection method 

Old printer devices don’t have a WPS connection service. When you can’t use WPS for the printer connection then you should use the standard connection method. For the connection, you will require the printer software/driver. Check for the CD you get inside the printer box. When you can’t use CD then get the setup from the web. Once you get the correct setup, start configuring the printer manually

  1. The initial screen will appear
  2. You will see a connection method tab
  3. Hit on Wireless LAN connection
  4. Select Access Point Connection
  5. The driver will take some time to search the printer devices which are already on the network
  6. Select Not Hilbet Güncel Giriş Found option (when configuring the printer first time)
  7. The printer setup will start installing on the system
  8. Select next and hit on Cableless setup option
  9. When you see the setup procedure selection tab, press the Wi-Fi button of the printer
  10. The printer Wi-Fi lamp should start flashing 
  11. Go to the PC screen and select the Next option
  12. A warning message will appear 
  13. Your network will get disabled temporarily
  14. You will get the region page
  15. Choose the region and then the language page will appear
  16. Choose the language and country 
  17. Now tap the software and hit on Next button
  18. Hit the Yes button and then the EULA page will appear
  19. Read the page and choose the Yes button
  20. The software will install and then tap on Redetect option

Once the cableless printer connection completes, you will get the SSID on the network on the screen. Check the SSIS and then hit the Complete button. For first-time configuration, tap on Execute and follow screen commands for the printhead alignment. After the configuration, you can use the printer device on the network. 

Using printer on the network

  1. Open a PC 
  2. Choose to Add a printer option on the Devices and Printers tab
  3. You will see previously connected devices
  4. For a new Hilbet
    device, choose the printer not listed option
  5. Tap on Add a printer 
  6. You will see available printer devices

Tap on your printer name and then choose the Next button. You can find the printer when you are on the same network. Choose the printer and type the correct password. After connection, send a print job and your printer will give you the printouts immediately. 

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