How Can I Put a Keylogger on an Android Phone without any Error?


No doubt keylogger can help for different purposes but still, there are cases where a little error can cause hacking of the whole system and you can suffer a lot.

Most of them are used to steal personal, political, and industrial information and are also involved in cybercrime frauds.

IT security companies report mistakes in the successful manipulation of this software that results in great damage instead of benefiting from them.

  • Joe Lopez, a businessman from the USA filed a case against an American bank in February 2005, After all, he had suffered the loss of $90,000 from his account because his passwords and confidential information were hacked by recording all his keystrokes.
  • A married couple was caught by police in London because they were leaking information to some Israeli companies in May 2005.
  • In 2007, $4.7 million was robbed due to malicious activities and 55 people were arrested by the Brazilin police.

There are the following measures that you have to take to ensure the protection and error-free use of a keylogger.

  • You should use an authentic antivirus to detect any kind of maliciousness in the software.
  • You should use a virtual keyboard to protect against the hacking hazards of software.
  • Two-step authentications should be a must.

If they are used properly without any error by the process mentioned above then they are very beneficial regarding parental control and employees monitoring on their android devices. let’s see how it functions.

Get your Employee’s Secret Passwords

With this amazing keylogger provided by OgyMogy, you can get your employee’s secret passwords. Either they are of social media apps or their accounts. If they commit the mistake of doing fraud in office assets through fake money accounts.

See your Kids Browsing History

Check whatever your kid is typing in their search bar. Record their every move by going through their browsing history. Also, you can check if they are searching for useful material or age-inappropriate stuff online. You can properly guard them this way.

View your Employee’s Emails

As this amazing software captures every keystroke so you can get all the information. This information includes what your employee is typing and what are they sending in the emails to ensure they are not leaking company’s sensitive information with any outside sources.

Keylogger can help to Check Every Download

Keep an eye over every download of your kid’s and employee’s devices. See which type of stuff they are downloading on their devices either its use or just a waste of time. Analyze the situation if your kid is spending too much time on their mobiles what type of material, they are having all the time. The same goes for employees. You can check if they are doing work productively or just wasting the time of company in their work hours.

Approach Your Worker’s Call Log

Get all the information of their incoming and outgoing calls. See if they talking to their friends and family in office timings and not giving any importance to the work they have to complete before going home. You can also block the calls with the help of the call blocker that comes with it.

Get your Child’s Game Account Passwords

Online frauds in the game have become very common. Strangers grab money in the name of a subscription of some wonderful features. After that, they never show up and all the money gets wasted. To save your kids from such frauds you can use this software to get their game passwords.

Though there are both good and bad sides to using any software it depends on how you use and process it. OgyMogy keylogger has amazing applications to monitor your kid and employee. If you follow a proper procedure and apply it without error by keeping in mind the specific set of instructions. They are of great use to get personal credit card information, tracking password, and anything associated with numbers or characters of employees through the company-owned device.

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