How to choose an effective dissertation topic for accounting and financing

If you are a student pursuing a degree in the accounting and financing or business field, you might know the term “dissertation”. It is an important part of both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is a research project, called a thesis in some countries and a dissertation in others. 


Choosing a unique topic for your dissertation will be quite complex for some students. How to find a suitable topic? Where to start? Where can I get the guidance? These are the most common questions we will ponder in our brains when looking for a dissertation topic and can get accounting homework help. In this blog, we are going to see how to choose topics for dissertation accounting and finance.


The first step!


Before starting to look for topics, there are few things to consider. They are 

  • Completely understand the requirements of your department and the institution
  • Know your areas of interest and knowledge
  • Check for the data and source availability
  • Know about the dissertation’s timeframe and length


These are the things to prepare initially to start your dissertation smoothly. If you are sure about the above-mentioned facts, it is time to choose the right topic for you.


How to choose a dissertation topic?


Choosing the right dissertation topic is essential as it helps in getting good grades on graduation. Here are the eight tips to consider while choosing a dissertation topic. They are 


  1. An idea at first: You are ready to write a dissertation and you understood all the requirements. But if you don’t have an idea about what you are going to write, it is difficult to move forward. Refer to the textbooks and your notes and gather what are all you have learned so far. From that, look deeper to find an idea that seems more interesting to you. At the same, the idea should be relevant to your dissertation.


  1. Collect topics: You might already know about the sources you can rely on. Gather as much as source as possible and start researching. Throughout your research, take notes and write down all the useful points and topics. With this research, you are going to select a topic.


  1. Narrow them down: After the completion of topic research, you would come up with plenty of topics to choose from. Narrow them down and look for the topics that drive most of your interest. Because we cannot choose one from many. Eliminate the irrelevant topics and have a few topics to choose from.


  1. Pick a topic: Choosing the right topic will decide how well you are going to write your dissertation. Your dissertation can go for about many weeks or even months. But how effectively you are going to spend time depends on the topic you choose. Think about your career and interest. Find a relevant topic that suits both your interest and your career. You should choose a topic that can motivate you throughout the writing process. 


After choosing the right topic: 


  1. Research: After picking up a dissertation topic, look for the sources available. Start researching your topic and study how can you provide an effective solution to your dissertation problem. Make sure to provide a clear and unique solution.


  1. Prepare the structure: Creating a proper and neat structure for your dissertation is important. Look for ways how can you present your dissertation neatly. Structure it accordingly. Write an abstract, an introduction, a thesis, and more. Be clear about your research while writing it. 


  1. Simplicity is key: Write the dissertation as simply as possible. Though your dissertation is going to be read by the people who are related to this field, avoid much usage of jargon and present it simply. 


  1. Final step: Are you sure that your paper is ready to submit? Not yet? Then rewrite it and edit it. Review it again and again and ensure everything is properly presented. Ensure whether your paper is grammatically correct and there are no errors. Reread and edit until you feel completely confident about your dissertation.


Remember these tips before and after choosing topics for dissertation accounts and finance.


Some example topics for dissertation account and finance


As we have seen above, choosing a topic that will come under your area of expertise, you are more passionate about, an interesting one that will impress your advisor may seem quite tricky. However, if you try with motivation with dedication, you can easily find out the best topic for your dissertation. If you still struggle in choosing the dissertation topic, we will provide you some examples of dissertation topics that can give you an idea of how to choose. 


Some of the Covid-19 related dissertation topics are:

  1. A case study on the consequences of the covid pandemic for financial statements in the future.


  1. Impact of the covid pandemic on the e-commerce industry


  1. Will the pandemic make all the companies become more conservative on financial forecasts?


General dissertation topics:


  1. Investigate the meaning of accounting and the significance of language in accounting formation.


  1. The term finance and accounting- their origin and use in modern times.


  1. Significance of financial statements in corporate accounting.


  1. Understanding financial accounting and its role in business strategies development.


  1. Importance of finance and accounting in the societal building.


  1. Understanding different fields of financial accounting and how to implement them.


  1. How mathematics helped in the development of ancient finance and accounting practices.


  1. Understanding the relationship between economic growth and financial accounting.


  1. Investigating the income statement concept and how it is correlated with financial statements.


  1. Forensic accounting and its role in law enforcement.


These are some of the examples of dissertation topics in finance and accounting. Go through these topics carefully and you will have an idea of choosing the right one for you.




In this blog, we learned about how to effectively choose a dissertation topic. Along with that we have provided you some topics for dissertation accounting and finance. There are many topics available nowadays from which you can choose the best one for you according to your requirements. Choosing a dissertation topic is not tedious anymore. Carefully go through all the tips provided and choose an effective dissertation topic for you.

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