How To Create Creative Logo Design For Your Website

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Logos have become an inevitable part of the success of businesses around the globe. They are not only essential for building a brand’s identity but also its website design. Hence, from small to big businesses, everyone needs a creative logo design that can convey their brand message to the audience.

If you are a new entrepreneur with a newly designed website and looking to learn how to create a creative logo for it, the following guide will help you do it in just a few steps.

Steps To Create Creative Logo Design For Your Website

Gather Inspiration

Before you begin your logo design process, gather sufficient inspiration. Visit websites of your competitors, search for websites containing logo collections, websites listing free logo design portfolios, etc. Such platforms contain a pasgol plethora of logos in different fonts, colors, design styles, etc. Go through the logo design stories by different designers to learn how logos are created to convey brand messages. Make a list of the top 5 inspirations before going to the next step.

Determine The Design Style Of Logo

The second step is choosing the design style for your logo. The selection of a specific style will be largely based on the type of business you have. Broadly there are the following design styles to choose from:

  • Classic
    Classic style logos are simple and timeless, unlike trendy logos. If you offer products that have origins in the past and convey timelessness, can opt for this style.
  • Vintage
    As the name suggests, vintage is more towards recalling history and its prominence. This style can be used to convey trustworthiness and a rich impression.
  • Fun
    These styles represent a funny, quirky and young impression, usually consisting of vibrant colors. Hence brands with such product objectives can use a fun design style.
  • Handcrafted
    Most handicraft or handmade product brands use this design style to convey their brand objectives.
  • Minimalist
    Minimalist styles depict minimal details with white spaces and straightforward lines. Brands wanting to create a modern approach use minimalist style.

Choose A Suitable Type Of Logo

The next step is choosing the type of logo. There are typically 7 types of logos to choose from:

  • Lettermark- brand name initials
  • Wordmark- complete brand names
  • Pictorial Marks- pictures or icons depicting brand names
  • Abstract- unique abstract forms
  • Combination Mark- a combination of words and symbols
  • Mascot- illustrated or symbolized characters
  • Emblem- words inside a badge or seal-like symbols

You may have definitely come across these types of logos while gathering inspiration on the internet. It’s time to understand them profoundly so as to choose the best for your website logo.

Choose The Right Font or Typeface

Primarily, there are 4 types of fonts used by most brands:

  • Serif
    These fonts have a small serif or stroke at the end of the letter. They are easy to read and give a classic, vintage, and rich look to the logo.
  • Sans Serif
    They are clean and contemporary fonts, with no strokes at the end of the letter. If you are a modern brand wanting to go with a simple and sleek design, use a sans serif font.
  • Script
    These are artistic fonts with a calligraphic look. They are decorative and mostly used by brands of fashion and art genres.
  • Display
    These are some enticing and decorative fonts made for short forms used in logos. Use these fonts if you going with a lettermark logo.

Pick Colors Resonating With Your Website

Since every color has a different meaning, choosing the right color for your logo is necessary so that you convey the brand message appropriately. Read about colors and their characteristics before you choose and use them. Also prefer to go for not more than 2-3 colors, as too many colors may puzzle the audience about your brand’s objectives.

Choose A Design Tool

After you have picked the above design elements, it’s time to make a few versions of the logos. Make at least 3-4 versions, with different color combinations, font types. alignment, etc. Then choose a design tool, either an online logo maker tool or a design software like Adobe Photoshop to actually create the design. Popular online logo maker tools include Canva, Wix, Shopify’s Hatchful, Squarespace, etc.

Try It On The Website

Lastly, try your final logo on your website. If it is a WordPress website, uploading a logo won’t be a hassle. Once you are done uploading, publish it on the website and see how it looks. This will help you know if you need to make further adjustments in the logo, change its size, font, color or style, etc.


So this was the complete guide to creating creative logos for your brand’s website. Try these series of steps to create creative logo design for your website. And see how far you can go. Remember, if you are making a logo without the assistance of a logo design company, there is a chance that your logo may look a little unprofessional. Hence, by taking professional help when you feel confused or stuck, you will end up making a great logo for your website.

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