How to Resolve Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages Error

Printing Blank Pages Error

Epson printers are globally known for their good speed and robustness. People often prefer this printer due to its size and interface. For home users, Epson provides small-sized printers which you can easily place anywhere. They don’t take lots of space and are easy to configure with any of your devices. Users can connect their Epson to the network and then share it among all your systems. These devices are easy to manage but some users reported that they are getting Printing Blank Pages Error. 

Reasons for getting Printing Blank Pages Error

  1. The printhead is not working 
  2. The ink cartridge is empty
  3. You have given the print command to a blank document 
  4. The cartridge is not installed correctly
  5. The printer is not placed correctly
  6. Ink gets dried up inside the cartridge

Troubleshooting Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages Error

Restart the Device

When your Epson device shows a printing error then you should immediately restart the printer and the PC. If you are using multiple programs simultaneously then getting errors is common. Your Epson can’t access the resources and then shows the error. For the resources, restart the devices. Now use the printer and it can easily find the resources and then give you the printouts. 

Run the Troubleshooter

When the  Epson Printer Error State then you should run the troubleshooter utility tool. On Windows, you get an inbuilt utility tool that can repair various printer errors like Printer in Error State Epson. When Epson shows an error, close all the programs.

  • Open Windows Settings tab
  • Choose Update and Security
  • Click on Troubleshoot

Select Epson and then click on the Run button. Your Windows troubleshooting tool will start running and searching for the error. After using this tool, go to Epson and retry to take printouts.

Install a New Cartridge

If you are getting a blank printout then check the cartridge. If the ink is empty then you have to install a new cartridge. Purchase original Epson cartridges for your printer. These cartridges are costly as they provide good print quality. If you can’t purchase the original cartridge for the Epson printer, check for other options. Users can go for clone cartridges as they are cheaper. But many times, Epson printers don’t work well with these clone cartridges.

These cartridges provide low-quality ink which ruins your print quality. Another good solution is refilling the ink. You can purchase high-quality ink for the printer. Refilling ink will be cheaper and also provide quality printouts. The user has to purchase the ink and then refill it into the cartridge. While refilling, cover the mouse. The carbon content in the ink is harmful to the lungs if consumed. Close the lid and then shake the cartridge before installing it. You can visit the hardware store and ask them to refill the ink. After reinstalling the cartridge, you can take the printouts easily.

Clean the Printhead

The user can get the printing error when the Epson printhead is not working. This head imprints the characters. When the printhead is not working, nothing will be imprinted on the page. Go to the printhead and check the nozzle. If the nozzle is clogged with dry ink then you should clean it. Users can run the printhead cleaner utility tool. 

  1. Go to the computer and open Epson software
  2. Hit on the Utility tab
  3. Select the Head Cleaning option 
  4. While cleaning, the power lamp and ink lamp will start blinking

Now the power lamp will stop flashing and then you will get ahead cleaning the wizard on the screen. Click on the Pattern check button and you will get the nozzle check patterns on the screen. For better cleaning, use the same steps twice. You can clean Epson’s printhead manually. Take a dry cloth and a few drops of alcohol-based cleaner. Clean the printhead and remove all the clogged ink. Now check whether the printhead is moving correctly or not. After cleaning, wait until the printhead gets dry and then restart the printer.

Check the Document

Many times, when you take lots of printouts simultaneously, you don’t check every page. If you have a blank document then the printer will get the black printout. To prevent blank printing, you can choose the Skip Blank Page option. Go to the PC and open your Printers & Scanners page. Tap on Maintenance and hit on the Extended Settings option. Choose the Skip Blank Page option and now your printer will skip the blank documents. 


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