Is It Worth Buying a 5G Mobile Phone in 2021?

5G Phones

5G mobile phones are probably the most talked-about devices in the modern time. These phones are gaining attention due to advanced technology and the promise of seamless connectivity. In fact, 5G has become the most sought-after feature of smartphones which everyone is looking for. Keeping pace with the demand, Samsung 5G Mobiles have been launched to fulfill the requirements of the users. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is a newly launched 5G mobile phone that comes for Rs 97,990. Apart from 5G connectivity, this handset offers a 6.9-inch display, Gorilla glass protection, and 12GB RAM. This attractive handset provides an advanced camera setup. Users will get 108 + 12 + 12 rear triple camera along with a 10MP front camera. For seamless performance, Samsung has included a powerful 4500mAh battery. 

Now the question is, should you purchase a 5G mobile phone just because of the trend? What are the advantages of a 5G mobile phone? Let’s have a look at 5G mobiles and everything these devices bring along for the users.

Affordable & Accessible

2021 will see a huge dip in the 5G mobile phone price. While some smartphones with 5G connectivity still come with expensive price tags, some brands are coming up with affordable 5G smartphones. If you are looking for an advanced handset with 5G connectivity, 2021 is the right time to go for one. 

5G Is The Future

You have probably heard this countless times that 5G phones are the future of the world. Therefore, buying a 5G smartphone will help you be prepared for the future. However, it is advisable to purchase a 5G phone from a well-known brand. You can trust Samsung 5G mobiles to fulfil all your requirements because these phones come with a lot of innovative features to impress the users. 

5G Mobiles Offer Improved Capacity

To keep up with the demand for 5G connectivity, 5G handset manufacturers offer better technology. Thus, those who are searching for an advanced handset with high durability can purchase a 5G mobile without hesitation. 

The Issues with 5G Mobiles

While these handsets come with countless benefits, there are some glaring issues to be aware of. Before investing in a 5G mobile phone, you should gather all the facts and then only come to a purchasing decision.

5G Is Yet To Come To India

Even though everyone is talking about 5G mobiles, it is not yet established in India. Many don’t know that the network providers have not implemented the connectivity yet. Currently, 5G is able to support only two frequencies. Thus, if you buy a smartphone with 5G connectivity, you may not be able to use the network here in India.  

This is why – you may find it challenging to find support for 5G connectivity, as the 5G auction has not taken place in India yet. It is also not decided when the auction will take place. Thus, it might be wise to think twice before purchasing a 5G smartphone. However, if you must purchase one, be sure to go for a well-known brand that ensures advanced service.

Proper 5G Establishment in India Will Take Time

The proper process of 5G infrastructure development has not taken place in India yet. For this reason, the proper rollout of 5G connectivity will take a long time. The same has happened at the time of the 4G launch. At the initial stage, connectivity had been established in a handful of areas only. 5G comes with a different technology. Thus, it is likely to take a longer time to roll out in India. Users need to consider their decision to purchase a 5G smartphone due to this reason. In addition, those who are thinking of buying a low-quality 5G smartphone will probably have to change their handset soon. 

Expensive Plans

When finally 5G launches, it will probably come with an expensive plan. Those who are purchasing low-priced 5G handsets now may not afford the 5G plans to avail 5G connectivity. This is one of the key reasons to consider before making any buying decision. To use the 5G service, you may have to go for a premium subscription charge. The price is likely to come down once the network gets widely established. Therefore, it will be wise to purchase one of the Samsung 5G mobiles, despite the high price.   

The Current 5G Smartphones May Become Outdated

If you purchase a budget 5G handset now, you are most likely to change it as soon as the network gets established in India. Mobile technology is changing on a daily basis. Thus, the 5G network will surely bring along advanced technologies which will not be compatible with your current handset. It is advisable to purchase a high-quality smartphone that supports the 5G network rather than going for the budget ones. 

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