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user testing jobs

In order to understand the usability of a website or an app and to recognize whether there are any bugs or not. The owners of the websites and apps require users to test their platform. The usability testing helps to evaluate the performance of a website and determines the ease of using the website. This test helps to identify whether the user or participant faces any problem to fulfill a task using a website or an app. Although in some companies, there are several in-house staff to test the websites or apps. It is always better to have people who are not familiar with a particular website or app. This is because of the fact that an unfamiliar user of the website can face several problems and bugs that a familiar user may not face. There are many organizations that offer user testing jobs in order to ensure the usability and suitability of their websites or apps.

The Requirements to Become a User Tester:

To become a user tester, you do not need many things. In fact, you can do this job sitting at your home. In order to test a website or app, you just need to have a PC, laptop, or Mac, a microphone, and a good internet connection. Therefore, this job can be effective for the students and other people. Who want to have work-from-home jobs. This is very much useful for whom they cannot go out for works.

What a User Tester does?

Using an online screen recorder, an organization will assign some tasks to you. You have to describe your thoughts and experience of doing a number of tasks on their website. During the tasks, you also have to explain how effective and easy the navigation was and whether you found any difficulty or not. The recording system will record everything including the tasks, your voice, your clicks and mouse actions, and your computer screen. When the organization watches the recording, they understand your experience of doing the tasks using their websites and how you view their websites.


user testing jobs
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How to Get User Testing Jobs?

There are several platforms for finding user testing jobs. Many job portal offer this kind of jobs.  You need to find it by google and then simply apply according the instructions. Then the organization will call you for interview or test. Besides this, many companies give advertisements to have users for testing their platforms. Some companies try to find the owners of the websites, programmers, or developers who require user testers and connect them with the people who would like to get paid for testing their websites.

The Skills of a User Tester:

A User tester should have certain skills such as IT literacy, multi-tasking ability, the capability to articulate your experience and thoughts clearly, and the skill to follow the instructions properly. However, you do not need to have any work experience.

The Earnings as a Website Tester:

A website tester can earn a significant amount of money. For instance, one can earn around £20-£60 by investing one hour. This is also a great opportunity for the freelancer to earn money from home. However, it may be difficult to get a constant supply of tests from an online user testing company. Therefore, you need to search for multiple user testing websites to make decent money from this job.

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