A simple guide for printer wifi networking

canon mg3600 how to connect to wifi

Printer devices have become advanced and robust. Now you can use your printer on various devices. Earlier, users had to connect printers to PCs only. But today you can easily connect the printer to various devices like PC, network, or phone devices. Users don’t require a cable for a printer wifi connection. You can connect your printer to any device using Wi-Fi. 

Unboxing your printer for the first time

  1. Remove the tape and take out the printer
  2. Check the cartridges and cables
  3. You will also receive the setup manual and driver CD

Remove protective tapes from the printer and cartridge. Plugin the printer and then install the cartridge. When the printer is ready, you can easily configure it to the network.

Configuring printer device to Wi-Fi

When you want to connect the printer with Wi-Fi, check your router. You can connect the printer with the network using two methods. Users can either go for WPS or the standard method. When the router has a WPS pin on his router then he can connect the printer directly. Before connecting, you must get the SSID of the network and the required password. 

  1. Check your printer and press the Wi-Fi button
  2. The printer should start blinking
  3. Now inspect the router and enable the WPS pin

Go to the printer screen and check the network name. Users will see all the available SSIDs. Choose your network’s ID and hit the Confirm option. Users will see a password window, enter the password and then the printer will get connected. If the user is connecting the printer to an open network then he should check the network configuration page. When configuring the printer to open the network, it may get connected to another open network. Users can inspect the SSID by checking the configuration page. Press the Resume button for some time and the power lamp will start blinking. Check the pages on the input tray and you will get the printout of the printer’s network configuration. Check the page and inspect the status and SSID. When the details are correct, you can use the printer on the network.

Installing the printer driver on the PC

When you have configured the printer to PC, go for the driver installation. You have to install a driver for communication. Go to the PC which is using the same network. When you need the printer, check for its driver. After you install the driver, you can communicate with the printer easily. Go to the computer and open the Devices folder. Click on Printers and tap on Add device. Select your network printer and enter the printer’s password. When the printer is connected, you can take the printouts reliably.

Canon MG3600 how to connect to wifi using the standard method

When the user can’t connect his printer to the network with WPS, he can use the standard connection method. It will allow the user to connect his printer device to the network. For using this method, the user will require the driver. Use the CD and get the driver. Otherwise, open the web and download the setup.

  1. Run printer setup on the computer
  2. Select the Next button
  3. Choose Wireless LAN connection
  4. Go to Access Point Connection 
  5. The printer should be on and the Wi-Fi should be enabled
  6. Your driver will search for the connected printers
  7. You will not see your printer’s name here
  8. Select the Not Found option
  9. Printer software will start installing
  10. Tap on the Next button and go to Cableless setup
  11. Press the Wi-Fi button of the printer until it blinks twice
  12. While creating the connection, the network may get disabled temporarily
  13. After access point connection, select the Next button 
  14. Choose the region and location

Select the language and then hit the Yes button. Follow the screen until the printer driver gets configured. Select the Redetect option and wait for completing the printer setup. The user will see the SSID of the network and then the name of your printer on the screen. When all the details are correct, the printer is configured and now you can take the test printout. When you want to use the network printer from phone devices, you will require bridge software. For Android, use the Google Cloud Printer. For iOS devices, users can access the printer using AirPrint. 

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