Readability Index – How To Improve It

Your website doesn’t just have to be findable, it also needs to be readable. In other words, usable for the user.

How do you lose readers? Long words, foreign terms, nested sentences, endless blocks of text. What are you happy about when you google yourself? To land on a website that provides you with all the information clearly structured and understandable even when you “fly over” it. And whose text you understand immediately. Without having to exert yourself.

Good readability means easy understandability. Does it belong to search engine optimization ? Officially no, but de facto yes. Google is silent about this – so far. The Californians only made known the on-page SEO ranking factors such as keywords, headings (marked with H1, H2 etc. tags) as well as external links, SEO titles and graphics. Presumably, Google also uses readability indexing, which influences the internal ranking . Experience has shown that pages with good index values ​​rank better, which is why they are referred to as the so-called readability index.

What exactly is the readability index?

Readability index – all factors to consider!A readability index is a mathematical formula. Math and understandability? No contradiction. Although: One of our copywriters and word acrobats almost failed in the compulsory subject of math in high school. He was not the only one who asked himself in astonishment: Does mathematics have something to do with comprehensibility and good writing? Don’t they relate to each other like “fish and bike”?

The solution is very simple. Factors such as sentence or word length can be represented well in numbers. And thus an important criterion of comprehensibility can be roughly measured.

Why is the readability index so important?

Increase the readability index – attractiveness of the website ✔There is the beautiful German word itself evident. It goes without saying that easily readable texts increase the length of stay and increase the user experience in order to reduce the bounce rate on the website. From the moment users open your website, they want to get the impression: I can handle the content. It quickly leads me to my goal. To the researched knowledge. To the desired product when shopping. If your text scares the user, they click away.

The search engines don’t just count the number of your visitors. They also register the length of stay. The dwell time is called the bounce rate in SEO jargon, which actually means “bounce rate”. The higher your bounce rate , the lower your site will be ranked in the web.

Tools to help you improve your readability score

Readability Index- The search engines don’t just count the number of your visitors. They also register the length of stayTo optimize the readability of your texts, you do not need a calculator or expensive software. Systems like our Searchmetrics tool are valuable aids. You can first check your existing texts online.

A few Tipps:

  • The online test with the Flesch Reading Ease Index is available
  • The text checking tool Perrymarschall uses the Flesch-Kincaid index
  • The Gunning Fog Index has its own website for free tests

Warning: These tests do not provide error-free results. The German umlauts often cause interference. Nevertheless, you can roughly estimate the legibility.

  • The Press Anzeiger tool was developed for PR texts, but is also of interest for search engine optimization . It evaluates the texts according to factors such as sentence structure, headings and objectivity.
  • The Wortliga tool uses the Hamburg comprehensibility model. It detects passive sentences, perfect forms, impersonal language, abbreviations, filler words, nominal style instead of activations and much more in the texts. It also checks the content for the main keyword, but does not recognize inflections.

Remember that children, for example, can also be your readers and consumers. They surf online and have a say in their parents’ expenses. Regardless of which reader target group you serve: the more readable your texts are, the more successful your presentation will be.

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