What are the steps to Replace an Epson Printer Ink Cartridge

Epson Printer Ink Cartridge

Epson is a popular printer brand and is available in various models. These printer devices are easy to set and use. You can use the new models of printer devices on the network also. Epson Printer offer good quality printouts. But the ink level on the printer is low, it starts giving faded printouts.

The user has to replace the ink cartridge and install the new one. Before installing a new cartridge, check the ink level. Sometimes the print quality can get affected due to other causes. If the ink level is very low then you should replace the Epson Printer Ink Cartridge. But don’t remove the empty cartridge until you get the new one. 

Steps to replace the Epson Printer Ink Cartridge

  1. Go to your Epson printer
  2. Lift the scanner unit
  3. Now press the stop button
  4. Check the cartridge for the side tab
  5. Squeeze the tab and then lift your cartridge to remove
  6. Check the new cartridge immediately
  7. Shake the cartridge 4-5 times gently 
  8. Now remove the plastic protection and yellow tape from the side
  9. Insert the cartridge correctly until it clicks 
  10. Now close the scanner unit

Hit the Stop button and then the cartridge will move automatically. This process may take around 1-2 minutes and the lamp will start blinking. Once the lamp stops blinking, your cartridge is installed correctly on the printer. While changing the cartridge, install the new cartridge immediately otherwise the print head nozzle will dry it. Your ink cartridge helps in maintaining the print head nozzle. 

Why is the Epson printer not working?

Some users get errors after replacing the cartridge. This error appears when the ink cartridge is not installed correctly. 

Reinstall the Epson Printer Ink Cartridge

Sometimes, the user installs the cartridge on the printer but it doesn’t fit correctly. When the user sends the print command, the Epson printer can’t get the cartridge and shows an error. The user has to reinstall the ink cartridge correctly. Lift the scanner plate and inspect your cartridge. Press sideways and remove the cartridge. Now reinsert it immediately and make sure it fits correctly. Send a print job and check for the cartridge error.

Check for Yellow Tape and Clips

Your Epson printer won’t print if you haven’t removed the protective clips from the printer. While installing the cartridge, some users often forget to remove the yellow/blue tape from the side of the cartridge. This tape is for preventing mishandling. If you don’t remove the tape, the printer can’t touch the contact pins. So, uninstall your cartridge and remove the tape. Now go to your printer and check the cartridge status.

Repair your Printer Driver

A printer error can appear when its driver is not working. You have to go to the PC and check for the driver. Open the driver and check for its files. If the driver is not working, use the driver repair tool for fixing the files. The user can also reinstall the printer setup. Go to the device and select the Epson driver. Uninstall the setup and restart the PC. Go to the Epson site and install the correct printer driver. Now use the Epson printer and inspect for the error.

Install the only Original Epson Printer Ink Cartridge

You can get errors with the Epson printer when you are installing third-party cartridges for the printer. Many Epson printers don’t work with these cheap cartridges. Third-party cartridges are fit-for-all types. When you install them on Epson, they can’t fit correctly and the printer shows errors.

The print quality of these cartridges is also very poor. Instead of purchasing the clone cartridge, you can refill your original Epson cartridge. Purchase good quality ink refills. Now take out the cartridge and refill the ink. Wear a mask while refilling as the ink particulars are harmful to the lungs. After refilling, close the lid and shake the cartridge. Now install it correctly and take your printouts.

Reset the Epson Printer

Sometimes, the printer can’t read the new cartridge and shows empty cartridge status. To fix this, the user can reset the Epson printer. 

  1. On the Epson printer, click on Home button
  2. Go to Control Panel and choose the setup 
  3. Now click on the Restore default settings option

Tap on OK and your printer will reset and now the printer will read your new cartridge. Send a job and take printouts with your Epson printer. 


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