Three Benefits Of Multi-Cloud Approach For Startups

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As the name suggest multi-cloud is the group of public cloud server shared by multiple users that can be assessed by the internet. They are mainly managed by the cloud provider.

Multi-Cloud strategy means using multiple cloud services from different cloud providers this means a user do not use cloud service from a particular vendor. Moreover uses several cloud services for using the benefits of cloud such as hosting, storage, and other types of applications. The reason of using a multi-cloud strategy can be the prevention of overburden or system backups.

Today most of startups prefer to choose multi-cloud only with a right approach so that they can go for the ideal solution to manage their business needs.

In this blog we will discuss about the top most multi-cloud benefits. But first let us find the major difference between two interchangeably technical terms.

Is multi-cloud and hybrid cloud same?

Multi cloud and Hybrid Cloud are used interchangeably. People often use both of the terms because they think that both are the same things. However, there is a minor difference between the two.

A hybrid cloud is a mixture of a public cloud and a private cloud with an on-demand infrastructure that runs on a network.

The users mostly prefer hybrid cloud to keep the data under control with a private cloud and an on-premise data center while taking advantage of the resources. On the other hand, Multi-cloud refers to the integration of various public clouds. A business can use any type of cloud for any type of services required by them.

Choosing what technology to deploy

The freedom to choose what type of technology you have to deploy for your business does not need any approval from the vendor’s side. It totally depends on you what to keep at priority. The priority of your vendor will not affect the priority of your business needs. Mainer times it is seen that vendor keep their own set of priority for new services and upgrades which can hamper your business priorities at some point of time and you may left with no other option than looking for vendors priority.

The waiting time for a longer period can impact the speed of your business growth and can provide a competitive advantage to your rival firms.

Diversification of Security

While using a multi-cloud approach you can prevent from cyberattacks and from a complete shutdown. It not only enhances security but also aids disaster recovery. It also demands a new security procedure to create a chain of different cloud provider’s security.

Moreover, various users are still unenthusiastic to trust cloud with their personal and business confidential data.

Opting for hybrid cloud allows you to protect the information in the datacenter which ultimately increased the demand by this pandemic. However, the demand of public cloud is not less business still require flexible, secure and high performance. For a new business venture, it is highly difficult to own and run an on-premise data center because of its expensive nature. You can go for a middle solution of cloud services which can provide you with the best things for catering your business needs and requirements. This type of strategy makes it easier to get the best running applications and handling the workload by the cloud. 

Cost-Effective Solution

The best feature of using multi-cloud is to get the cost-effective technology to manage workloads

A cloud requires decisions like data location, equipment’s required, the services contracts and resources etc. A multi cloud strategy allows you to control the level of cost which helps you to stay in budget.

It means you can easily connect with the vendors offering the best value for your services. Moreover, if your cloud vendor’s technology is an open standard they can avoid proprietary technology that you can lock into as your client. By this you can easily move to another cloud service.


In conclusion, multi-cloud strategy provides startups and small business with the opportunity of getting the best services out of several cloud service provider. A multi-cloud strategy provides high level of flexibility and best services to the business. This gives you the freedom to use innovative features and technology without locking in with a single cloud vendor.

Multi-cloud provides you with greater reliance and advantage but we recommend that you should be aware of security.  The best thing is it is capable of managing the workload at the best affordable rate.

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