Top 3 Essential Features which Repair Shop Owners Can’t Ignore in a POS System

Repair software is getting popular daily, and repair store owners tend to buy these to make their daily operations easy. But when it comes to selecting one, repair business owners usually don’t have the appropriate knowledge to grab the suitable software for them. As a result, they mostly stick to two or three features that they find worthwhile for their business at the time but do not foresee the whole picture of other essential features that need to be in a POS System.


Apart from inventory, ticket generation, and phone system, there are other features that tie up your repair business knots to the very end.


Let’s dive into these!

Employee Management

Employee management is a sensitive task, whether a huge enterprise or a small business, especially in the repair business where multiple tasks coincide. For example, technicians pick repairs randomly in a typical repair store without communicating with team members, which can cause problems. It leads to wastage of time and money because there is no proper management of repairs. Also, how will you manage and justify the payroll process when you cannot track their daily hours? Because payroll process itself involves several functions like late arrival, over-time, absent or paid leave, etc.


What Benefits Does It Provide?

So employee management module is essential for software for repair shops. A good employee management feature should contain the following points:


  • It helps you to assign tasks to your employees directly, i-e, while creating tickets.
  • Second, it tracks their progress throughout the repair process.
  • Check your employee’s work weekly, monthly, or yearly. On this basis, you can award them with a bonus or increment/promotion.
  • It allows you to check and keep track of your employees’ attendance and working hours. By this, you can process their payroll accurately.
  • Every employee should have access to their dedicated tasks, which the admin controls.
  • It should let your employees switch accounts smoothly.
  • You can define roles and access to your employees according to their designation.
  • Good software for repair shops should generate employees’ working hours and progress reports.


With this feature, you can monitor your employees’ activities without any discrimination and guide them by knowing their lagging points.



Every business needs to track its activities weekly, monthly, or yearly. If they skip this part, they will be lost in their future business planning and won’t consider growth. You cannot plan your business expansion if you don’t know how well or bad your business is doing. As a repair shop owner, you need to monitor your repair business’ analytics regularly to see how well your repair goes and how efficient your employees are.


Speaking of which! How do you check the analytics and data about your business? Will you calculate your employees’ efficiency manually? Will you calculate your yearly revenue and profits by hand, drenched in registers and excel sheets? Of course not! Even the thought of it is horrendous. Yet, somehow you manage to pull out those calculations; how will you know they are error-free? It will always have room for errors, and a slight figure can alter your business decisions resulting in significant business loss.


For that, there is a reporting module in software for repair shops.


What Benefits Does POS System Provide?

You can get the following reports about your repair business:


  • Inventory report
  • Employee report
  • Sales report
  • Expense report
  • KPI report
  • Transaction report
  • Reconciliation report and more depending upon your business requirements.


Now let’s see the importance of a reporting feature in POS for repair shop for your repair business.


  • Reporting module generates reports that map your progress by simplifying the data and analytics according to your understanding.
  • Reports on every activity are just a click away. You can even select a time range.
  • It sends generated reports directly to your inbox, so you don’t have to worry about generating them. Just schedule the time for report generation, and it will be in your inbox already.
  • You can learn which areas of your repair store are running best and which need some improvement and special attention.
  • It tracks your progress for you, and you can visualize real-time data and stats anytime. It is in the form of graphs and charts. You can predict growth based on these reports.
  • You can sort data and generate reports according to customer name, date, time, product time, etc. Then, all you have to do is to apply the filter to create a report instantly.



Every cell phone repair shop software should have the ability to incorporate other powerful tools into it. It is to enhance the software’s productivity and usability. Software like QuickBooks, Square, Paypal, etc., can be handy for repair shop software, as people commonly use these for payment and financial software. You can have the following integrations in your software:


  • Payments
  • Inventory
  • Marketplace
  • Accounting
  • eCommerce
  • Vendors
  • VOIP


What Benefits Does It Provide?

Integrations feature can have the following benefits for you:


  • It lets you connect with the tools you don’t want to miss while shifting to software for repair shops.
  • It configures your work with other powerful tools and makes your job easy.
  • It maximizes your repair and growth time.
  • It minimizes the hassle of creating a database on the repair shop software; instead, you can integrate it with other tools.


These features play a crucial role in your repair business and should be included in your POS for the repair shop


Most repair owners don’t consider it and have to switch to their repair shop software with these features. So save yourself from the hassle and invest in an all-in-one repair store software package.

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