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You create a YouTube channel and want more people to know about your channel. Just creating and publishing new videos will not attract more people. What you need to do here if you want to attract more viewers is to promote your YouTube channel. Most people will use YouTube promotion services of a third party, but you can also do the basics by yourself.

So how? This article will show you the simplest things in the most cost-effective way for you. Let’s find out together!

How to promote your channel on Youtube for free

YouTube has had a lot of changes since its launch until now. Previously, YouTube was simply a place for people to share personal videos. But now, even large and small businesses are participating in this platform for many different commercial purposes.

The more people use YouTube for commercial purposes, the more competition there is on the platform. In the past, it was simply a matter of your videos being interesting and engaging. But now, no matter how interesting creating a youtube channel is without promotion, very few people know about it.

Such fierce competition requires you to improve the channel effectively. This requires you to understand your audience, and is the content on your channel relevant? The more you understand these things, the better and more economical you will be in the direction of advertising.

That’s why we’ll show you how to promote your YouTube channel for free. Simply from the simplest things.

Provide full information about your channel

Ignoring information about your channel is a fatal weakness. Any channel, even a YouTube channel of a well-known brand, fills in all the information about their channel. This shows the meticulousness and professionalism of your channel, viewers when looking at a YouTube channel full of information, will also feel more trusting and sympathetic. 

Here are some suggestions for you to make your channel look more attractive with more information:

  • General description of your channel information. What topics does your channel have? What’s interesting about your channel? You can also optimize more keywords that your channel is related to. This makes it easier for YouTube to suggest your channel to users when they search for these keywords.
  • Publicize video posting schedule and live-steam. This creates a bond with your viewers, keeping them coming back to your channel in the future. It is very valuable to have people return to your channel.
  • Other contact information. This makes your channel more reputable in the minds of viewers. Prove that you are not afraid to publicize the necessary information about your channel. And also make it easy for others to contact you when necessary for a partnership. 

Give your channel an intro video and trailer.

Give your channel a short intro video. It can be about the content of your channel. It can be a short introduction video about the channel. It can be a short greeting to the viewers. The content I will let you create yourself. Create and upload a video to your channel, then pin it to your channel’s opening video.

Or, if you don’t have time to design the perfect intro video for your channel, just choose an existing video that you’ve already posted on your channel.  Pin the video with high engagement. It’s as simple as that, but it will make your channel look much more attractive.

Optimizing viewer watch time

Make viewers watch your videos for as long as possible. Why? The longer users watch your video, the higher the Average View Duration rate will be. The higher the Average View Duration rate, the higher the YouTube algorithm evaluates your channel because YouTube thinks your channel has quality content. That’s right, only when your channel has quality content will viewers be able to watch it all.

You have a variety of ways to keep your audience engaged:

  • Make your videos constantly curious engaging. So viewers will always want to know how your video ends and watch until the end.
  • Or post longer videos. A reasonable time is about 15 minutes. But note just contains the necessary content in the video, do not put irrelevant things in the video just to prolong it. This will cause more discomfort to the viewer.

Continuously update new videos regularly

Remember above talking about publicizing the video posting schedule and live-steam in the channel description? Of course, this schedule is not just for fun. Let’s take it seriously.

It is very valuable for viewers to keep coming back to your channel. So give them a reason to come back. The fact that many people return to your channel is also highly appreciated by YouTube. What better reason than new videos just posted. So regularly upload new videos according to your schedule, maybe 1 to 2 weeks for a new video if you don’t have much time, or if you have more time, 3 to 4 days for one.

Now is your time to show how hard you work. 

Actively interact with your channel

How active you are on YouTube isn’t just about posting videos. It also depends on how you interact with other people on the platform.

You can use your channel to leave comments on videos you find interesting. You can like these videos to show your support or even subscribe to the channel. Or, more simply, interact with your viewers. You can reply back to viewers’ comments, even unloving ones. Or faster, leave a “heart” in the comments you find interesting. This is the best way for you to interact with your fans back and forth.

Then you will find these interactions are rewarded with very surprising results. 

Cross-promotion using other platforms

Sometimes just looking for views just from YouTube is not enough. So you also need to promote your YouTube channel with other platforms.

Fast, efficient, and completely free is the social network. When it comes to social networks, there are many names for you to list: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok,… In this era of technology development, almost everyone has a social network account. So if you use social networks to share your videos, it will help connect to a lot of people.

In addition, there are many different social networking platforms. So a video you can promote with many different posts on different social networking platforms. You can create a short video from a YouTube video to easily attract viewers to click on the YouTube link to see the full version.

Social networks also often have many different communities. You can use these communities to share your video if your video is relevant to its topic. However, you still have to respect the rules of that community.

Of course, there is not only a social network. Simply social networking is the most typical trend. In addition, you also have e-mail, blog, forum. Make full use of these platforms properly. 

Collaborate with beneficial partners

“Talent wins the game, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan.

Partnering with celebrities or brands can be the fastest way for you to gain a large number of new viewers. It also doesn’t have to be a celebrity, maybe a YouTube creator on the same topic as your channel. As long as you choose for yourself a suitable person, then the cooperation will work.

When you and your partner post your videos, you’re not only reaching your viewers but your partner’s fans as well. This person’s viewers may be interested in your channel. From there, you can get a huge amount of new views, even channel subscriptions.

Not only that, but partners can also give you new ideas for making videos. If your partnership goes well, it will benefit not only you now but even in the future. Let the partnership flow naturally because inauthentic content can do more harm than good.

As a side note, choose your partner carefully. Sometimes your collaboration doesn’t help your channel much. That would be awkward for you, right? Choosing a suitable collaboration is more effective than choosing a large one.

Attach channel to relevant sections of your web

If you own a website, attach relevant sections from your YouTube channel to the web. Create as many navigable links as possible to your YouTube channel. You can convert a portion of your web traffic into views and channel subscriptions.

Conversely, this also helps your website have quality internal links from YouTube. In addition, attaching relevant information about YouTube channels to the web helps your website look much better.

If you don’t have your Website, you can also get help from other sites by writing articles and linking to your YouTube channel.

Be patient and keep learning

It’s not uncommon for you to fail in the early stages, but always be patient. YouTube is a stable platform, but growing a channel from zero is not easy.

Always remember that the most successful people on YouTube right now all started out just like you. The key is that they are constantly learning new things and persisting with their goals to get where they are today.

Don’t be hasty when in the early stages. The results you get are not as expected. Take a look at the data and reports from YouTube about your channel, and find out if your content needs fixing anything you need to optimize. Repeat this process over and over, and you will get sweet results soon.


So through the article Ads Can Help shared tips on promote your YouTube channel. We hope it can help you more or less in becoming a successful YouTube channel. See you in another more interesting article.

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