TWAIN Scanner SDK: A Perfect Choice for Enterprise Use

TWAIN Scanner

With the market full of different types of document scanners, how do you choose the ideal one for your business? Out of SANE, WIA, and TWAIN scanner SDKs, most companies opt for TWAIN scanners as they come with multiple benefits over others. Here is a blog that explains the advantages of choosing a TWAIN scanner for your organization. 

Multi-Platform Support 

One of the main reasons organizations prefer a TWAIN scanner over a SANE or WIA is that the majority of their applications support TWAIN protocols. While system administrators can choose the scanning protocol or operating system, the employees will have their browser preference when it comes to the personal level. The browser and platform support, when combined, may complicate the process. Hence, you need to make your decision very wisely. 

Robust Security Features 

Information security is crucial for any business. When you have to scan thousands of critical documents every day, you just can’t choose a document scanner that doesn’t come with good security features. A robust TWAIN scanner will come with HTTPS support, data encryption files on local disk, authentication support for uploading and downloading data, and much more. 

Mobile Friendly 

With the use of mobile phones on the rise, the document scanner you choose must run on mobile devices. A Web TWAIN scanner will allow you to deploy your web applications rapidly. This way, you will save a lot of time and effort and increase accessibility. It will also save you a lot of money as no extra device will be required to perform document scanning. 

Effective Process Automation 

The task of a document scanner doesn’t end with scanning and uploading documents. These files need to be saved in a way that the user can access them without a hitch. Using custom names to tag documents makes them more accessible, and the document management process gets more efficient. The document scanner should do this automatically, as manually saving files will take a lot of time and effort. 

Capability to Handle Large Files Easily 

If you have to deal with multiple documents every day, you may come across files of all sizes. Large organizations lose a lot of money with systems of low efficiency. Hence, you should choose a document scanner that can handle files of all types, especially the larger ones. It should scan thousands of files in a single session, work well with all standard formats, and do not crash while doing so. Dynamic Web TWAIN is capable of scanning around 33,000 pages in one scan. 

Strong Add-ons 

With mobile phones becoming smarter every day, you don’t need extra devices to perform document scanning. You can strengthen the scanning capabilities of your TWAIN scanner SDK by choosing some powerful add-ons for barcode reading, text recognition, and webcam capture. Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK is a leading document scanner that provides such add-ons. Its barcode reading module is commercial-grade and supports multiple barcode symbologies. The text recognition module allows you to capture important text from images. With the webcam capture module, you can quickly turn your webcam into a document scanner. 

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