When Should You Replace Your Car Tyres?

Every vehicle owner knows the importance of regular vehicle maintenance. When you take good care of your vehicle, it provides increased safety and comfort to you and your family. One of the most neglected car parts when servicing the car is the tyres. However, that should not be the case. Tyres play an essential role in the functioning of the automobile. They are the only ones that connect the vehicle with the road surface. Tyres are expensive to change. Hence, you must keep checking the signs that your car gives before jumping into the process. The right time to replace the Car Tyres Birmingham may vary depending on the driver, driving style, road and driving conditions, and the rate of tyre wear.

5 Signs that Indicate You Need Tyre Replacement

Tread Wear – Treads are grooves on the tyre that help improve its contact with the road surface. Also, the treads are essential to expel water and slush away from the car’s path, avoiding the film of water forming between the ground and the tyre and mitigating the risk of hydroplaning. Typically, a tyre’s tread depth should not be less than 1.6mm. Anything less than that alerts the car owner of tyre replacement. Some branded tyres even incorporate tread wear indicators. It’s the easiest way to determine if your car tyres require replacement. Keep an eye on the triangular arrowhead on your tyre’s sidewall. You can also check the tread wear with a penny test.

Cracked Tyre Tread – If you don’t drive your vehicle often, the tread compound begins to harden up. Check your tyre for visible cracks on the surface of the tyre tread. There will always be some cracks on the tyre, but if you can spot these cracks on the tyre sidewall, it means the rubber has already stiffened. You can drive your car with these tyres if you don’t use your vehicle much, but if you run at high speeds or take the automobile on highways, it’s wise to switch to new tyres for safety and performance purposes.

Asymmetric Tyre Wear – A faulty suspension system or wheel misalignment indicates unequal tyre wear. Even though one edge of the tyre tread might look perfect, the other side might have worn out completely, which means you must change the tyre immediately, perform wheel realignment and repair the assembly.

Damaged Tyre Sidewalls – Sidewall is an essential component of a tyre, visible from the side of the vehicle. It’s the area between the tyre tread and the bead. The sidewall is responsible for carrying the overall weight of the car. Any dent, bubble, crack, or other signs of damage on the sidewall is a concern. It can lead to leakage in the tyre, or even a tyre blowout at fast speeds in the middle of nowhere, putting you in a lot of trouble.

Hence, drivers and car owners must regularly check for any symptoms indicating damage on the tyre sidewall. Such issues tend to become more dangerous in warm temperatures or post a long highway journey. If you detect such damage to your car tyre, do not hesitate in replacing the tyre immediately.

Tyre Age – With time and age, tyres tend to stiffen up. When this happens, the tyre’s tractability reduces due to its inability of gripping and flex the road surface. If your car tyres have softer rubber compounds, it does not incur a crack easily, but it loses their effectiveness. Experts recommend not buying tyres that are more than six months old. Also, do not use the same tyres for more than three years or 40,000kms.

Conclusion – As a general rule of thumb, one must replace their tyres every 5 to 6 years to ensure optimal performance and maximum vehicle safety. Motorists cannot depend on visual checks for wear, rubber cracking, bulges or any other symptom of deterioration. They may appear perfectly functional from the outside, the age of the tyres is an essential aspect of their replacement. Some car manufacturers also recommend different chronological ages for tyre replacement.

To ensure better results, follow the instructions of your vehicle manufacturer. You may find their tyre replacement recommendation in the specifications manual.

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