Why You Need a Business Credit Card

To make credit cards, access to all banks is coming up with a variety of CC. But for business people, there are only a few business credit cards in India. Whether you have a small business or a big business, business CC have become a necessity.

Also, every business requires an investment that you would not want to pile up along with personal expenses. Therefore in this article, we have discussed 7 reasons Why You Need a Business CC.

7 Reasons Why you Need a Business Credit Card

  • Better financial stability

For getting any business started, cash flow is very important. Hence a businessCC offers a huge amount of credit balance. This is going to help you to pay for the huge investment for your business. Even many business credit cards charge no extra interest when you spend over the credit limit. Thus for better monitoring of the expenditure and cash flow, a business credit card is a must-have.

  • Better interest rates

Some companies offer 0% interest rates on business cards for a limited amount of time. Thus grab these kinds of offers to enjoy no interest paying issues for doing your business. Also, the business market is flexible now, so often, there can be a shortage of money for buying surplus. Hence a quick purchase using a business CC is going to be very convenient. I

  • Earn better rewards

Unlike the usual personal credit cards, buddies’ credit cards offer a lot more offers. These offers are very beneficial if you have a small business or start-up up business. Also, the rewards you earn can be easily redeemed online.

  • High credit limits

For running a business, high credit limits of credit cards is a must. Hence business cards only have higher credit limits but don’t require your high credit score. Moreover, why have less credit limit for your expenses as you spend so much on business? It is best to separate both expenses as it helps you financially handle all the investments.

  • Making a separate business credit history

Mostly, vendors look for a good business credit history before doing any financial investment. Hence separating your personal and business credit cards will help you negotiate better with a high credit score of a business credit card. Also, business credit history plays an important role in analyzing the business model of your company. Therefore, day by day, the business’s credit history is becoming a very important record for taking future loans. Also, mixing personal and business expenses might make you lose legal protection.

  • Helps to save time

Business credit cards help to keep a record of your business transaction. So eventually, this saves a lot of time while making the financial budget for the company. Even while paying tax, these credit records help to manage the budget of the tax easily. Thus such technologies are only present in business credit cards which helps in decreasing the usual manual budget work. Even while paying tax, you won’t get the benefits of being a businessman. Hence all the tax will be deducted as per your expenses.

  • Add employee cards

As the business starts growing, more employees join the business. Many business credit card companies offer to add employee cards for free. This helps you to earn more rewards as the employee spends those credits cards. Also, all these cards can be easily monitored using an application that helps to know about your employed spending. Also, you can set the credit limit of these employee cards and manage finances too.

Thus business credit cards are helping to make huge profits in your business without much resistance. For business credit cards in India, apply for Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. This credit card offers below-interests along with a low interest rate. It has an annual fee of Rs. 999, but that is waived off for the first year. As a business card, this is profitable because the annual fee gets waived off if you spend more than Rs. 50000 in a year. Moreover, this can be used as a loan card, EMI card, and cashcard to keep the cash flow in your business.

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